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install a webcam on flash drive?

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install a webcam on flash drive?

can i install my webcam onto my flash drive so i can take it with me when i travel?

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not sure what you mean

by install a webcam, butI assume you mean some kind of a driver for a specific camera hardware? In that case probably not, since drivers will be installed somewhere in system32 and need to be there and number of registry entries will be done on such installation.

Or if you had something else in mind, please specify little bit.

Otto Sykora
Basel, Switzerland

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A webcam usually require the

A webcam usually require the use of a system driver, which are not portable, and very unlikely they will ever be.

If you want to use your webcam in a portable manner, you might either consider using a Live CD that already has the drivers, or carry a laptop with an integrated webcam like a netbook.

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