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OpenOffice Portable

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OpenOffice Portable

OpenOffice 2.02 english version.
I have a problem using this OpenOffice version, when launching the application.
The application don't run.

I found that, the path of program is too long:
example: "C:\ApplicationData\Software\PortableSoftware\OpenOffice2_02\OpenOffice..."

I record the folder in a small path, and the application run!!!
example: "C:\PortableSoftware\OpenOffice2_02\..."

Excuse me for my bad english ... of course ....


John T. Haller
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OO.o path limit

OO.o itself has an upper limit on the length of the path it can handle internally. Not sure exactly what it is... but the person that tries to put Portable within 4 or 5 sub-directories usually hits it.

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