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Rise Of Nations + Thrones and Patriots Portable Launcher

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Rise Of Nations + Thrones and Patriots Portable Launcher

Application: Rise Of Nations + Rise of Nations: Thrones and Patriots Expansion Pack
Category: Games
Description: Rise Of Nations is a very popular and customizable RTS game.

Download Rise Of Nations 0.4 Development Test 1 [388KB download / 593KB installed WITHOUT GAME / ~1.63 GB installed WITH GAME + EXPANSION PACK]
(MD5: c96f12a0b4020fec5f911781e382b5ac)

Release Notes:
If someone has just the game w/o the expansion pack, please post the size.
All version numbers are of the launcher, not RON itself. This launcher should work with all versions of RON.

Development Test 1 (2009-03-04): Initial release

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Hello, I got this working just fine, as per your instructions. Tested well on two machines. Then, (and this is the reason that I need a portable version of RON) I tried it on a machine that I do not have administrator access to. The registry is also blocked on the machine. I can't even install a printer on it. This launcher requires writing to the registry in order to launch. Unfortunately, I cannot do that.

Hopefully no one else goes through the trouble of all this work only to discover what I learned the hard way.

I know that disabling the registry check CAN BE DONE, since StarCraft likewise needs to check the registry before launching, and I have a portable version of StarCraft which works fine without accessing the registry.

Maybe there is a way to modify the launcher in order to solve this issue. I will continue to investigate and will report my findings back here.

Thanks for the work!

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Sorry for the late reply

Unfortunatly, for some reason RON needs admin privs to run. If you disable the registry checking and run it wouthout it, RON will come up saying you need admin privs in order to run it. I have not found a way to force it to run, except...

For me at school, i made program that would launch the game using the cracked local administrator account, but i doubt you will be able to get that password. If you want, i can give you the source code, but you need to have the credentials.

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