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This is another Idea On Where To Put The New Skin Tool Option

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This is another Idea On Where To Put The New Skin Tool Option

Ok here I go again with a new approach to the same original idea I mentioned in my last post.

Just a thought, I was looking at the main program that being the PortableApps platform taskbar window itself.

And I noticed that there was some unused space in the lower right area just under the search help buttons.

My first Idea was a bit too simple, and just too obvious I gather.

So back to the mind board I went and once more came up with this idea that may make a bit more sense.

I thought since your going to be making it skin able then why not make use of this area to put the skin button.

You can see a preview of the shin in a small window and also download or upload skins from the site or from other members right from the tray.

You can even import into the program a custom slider widget that would allow the end user to change the overall color scheme of the windows taskbar and the transparency even the fonts all from this one area of the overall task bar pane..

I think these features would be more to what you’re already considering in the next release of this program.

The space is there, and it would make for a nice feature in any future release.

I hope this idea sounds somewhat more appealing.

Thanks again for any replies, they are appreciated.

In any case the program is excellent as it is to date thanks from H.W