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The future of Portable Apps Platform My Personal Perspective

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The future of Portable Apps Platform My Personal Perspective

The future of Portable Apps Platform

To the programming author of this fine application I say what a great venture of possibilities you have enter into, and I would hope you would choose to pursue all facets of making this program a leader of all that shall soon follow, and trust me there are many on there way.

If so you now have the perfect window of opportunity to harness the vast users to a coming new age of software usage with your fine product and ingenuity.

I see a great move forward for this application since the first’s days back in 1999 with VMWare hitting the market.

I would have to say this type of application, and with some tweaking could become a mainstream plug in for all future OS’s.

The active rise of thin stalled software has grown in popularity over the last decade, and I see this application and many others like it soon to start competing for the best look, and user friendly interface.

I am not 100% sure of who owns the full patents to this technology or its outer platforms I thought it may have been Thinstall and Macrovision combined.

No matter, the idea of portable software is one I see becoming a real driving force for the future of applications as this one.

Even though thinstalled apps cannot be distributed because of there original software license the need for this particular type of application will be of great importance.

I would be curious to know who owns the patent to this type of platform use, I know this version is open but is there a company that owns this concept like U3 USB flash drives or is it also own by the same company that created thinapp, and VMWare?

Well in any case, this program has the potential to become much more then it already is.
I would like to see this application move forward, is there a pending patent that may prevent it from ever becoming much more in the future I ask?

The reason I ask, is because I have seen the huge decline of the motor driven hard drives, and the birth of faster larger Ram drives, and with the new 3D chip and fiber optics being made by IBM and the nano technology from Nassau, well lets just say we live in a new age of more storage for less space required.

With massive media powering up our present day storage devices, I see a great need for these new ideas, and the necessity for much more of the now portable software that will require the use of such an application such as this one.

The portable platform has now become the future handheld computer.
Lets not talk about the blackberry’s of the world, there just like the Ipods and Xbox etc.

These are only hardware dependent money making fads, and will come and go like the many before them.

The real computer is the one you will never have to upgrade or even touch, but that’s another 3 decades away.

In closing, I would like to think that the author of this application would be seriously thinking about how far they could revolutionize this present day program platform, and find ways to make it more then just open.

I see a great potential for growth in this project, and the need shall follow as more people begin to use these types of portable programs.

One day very soon you will only have a small stick and a HDTV with this application as your remote.

Thank you for reading from H.W

Look forward to seeing how this application performs, and competes in the years to come.

That’s if we still have computers we can see. LOL.