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Creating U3 application Icons

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Creating U3 application Icons

I read the articles on here and they were very useful, I created my own basic XML manifest and also used "Shortcut Creator 4U3".

The only problem I can't resolve or in fact I can't work out the required syntax in the XML so I can pass parameters to the application when I launch it, for example this does not work:

<?xml version="1.0"??>Xming.icoXming


I'm trying to execute the program Xming and at the same time pass the parameters to the application rather like a DOX batch shortcut:

:0 -ac -multiwindow -fp %U3_DEVICE_PATH%\Program Files\Xming\fonts\75dpi,%U3_DEVICE_PATH%\Program Files\Xming\fonts\misc,%U3_DEVICE_PATH%\Program Files\Xming\fonts\TTF,%U3_DEVICE_PATH%\Program Files\Xming\fonts\Type1,%U3_DEVICE_PATH%\Program Files\Xming\fonts\urw -clipboard

Any Wisdom out there and thanxs !!!!

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No U3 Support dropped support for the U3 Platform a long time ago. We provide no assistance with U3 utilities.

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