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BPBible Portable 0.4.3 Pre-Release 1

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BPBible Portable 0.4.3 Pre-Release 1

Application: BPBible
Category: Education
Description: BPBible is a flexible Bible study tool built on the SWORD API in Python, meaning that it supports Bibles, Commentaries, Dictionaries, generic books, searching and more. A more complete description is available at the BPBible Portable homepage.

Download BPBible Portable 0.4.3 Pre-Release 1 [14.7MB download / 11MB installed or 18.9MB with resources]
(MD5: 4a8484ff2f3080d0f0352a538936acb0)

Release Notes:
0.4.3 Pre-Release 1 (2009-04-15):

  • Updated to BPBible 0.4.3, of which the biggest feature for the edition is the addition of German, Hungarian and Chinese (Simplified and Traditional) locales, adding to the Vietnamese one which was already there.
  • Launcher updated to 1.6.1 specs, removed Live mode and file/directory INI config options, language switcher (which only sets the language if there's a change at the launcher level, thus permitting you to set BPBible to Vietnamese inside itself (PAP doesn't have Vietnamese!?) and not have the launcher change it back to English every time)
  • Added support for SwordBible Portable paths
  • Built using BPBible's inbuilt release process! Smile This is my code which I wrote a few days ago; it compiles BPBible compressed and bundled, UPXes it further, does version numbers in the installer config and appinfo, sets up the PAF structure, and then compiles the launcher and installer with NSIS. The whole command used to make this was:
    python --portable --pre-release=1 0.4.3
  • What needs testing here is just the launcher, to make sure that language switching works, and that I haven't broken anything.
  • Removed DefaultData stuff because I decided it just wasn't really necessary (all it did was specify WEB and StrongsHebrew as default modules), and anyway, it made the release script a bit harder because of potential changes in the data.conf format Blum