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Virtual Desktop

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Virtual Desktop


Mojopac like environment for portable apps. Revolutionize the way portable apps runs on computers.

Mojopac is a virtual desktop that runs on xp and vista machines, when run the USB drive it is run from is the C: drive and a virtual windows desktop is created.
"What happens in mojopac, stays in mojopac."

The only problem with this is Mojopac is not opensource/freeware.

If there were a fully functional opensource solution that emulated the windows desktop like mojopac does, I would surely love to use it.

Note: I am not asking for mojopac to be ported/stolen/used in any way, this has to be build from the ground up.

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There are some major limitations. It only works with administrative rights. Which means you can't use it on any PCs except your own really. It won't work where you have limited or guest rights which includes most locations: office, school, hotel, library, net cafes, coffee shops, etc.

Also Mojopac only works on XP, not on Windows 2000, Windows Vista or Windows 7. It does some stuff well, but it's exceedingly limited.

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did u see this part? Note:

did u see this part?

Note: I am not asking for mojopac to be ported/stolen/used in any way

I think he's looking for an alternative that could give him a similar virtual desktop effect.

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