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Transfer of Documents

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Transfer of Documents

I tried to transfer my document files from my PC to PortableApps Documents folder on a memory stick. Now when I click the Documents folder in PortableApps I get a folder named Documents with subfolders named Documents, Music, Pictures and Videos. I then have to click on the subfolder named Documents to get my document files. This is annoying. I would like to go direct from my PortableApps menu to my documents. I have tried renaming each of the document folders in turn, but this did not help. Any ideas please? -Mike

Bruce Pascoe
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Move the files out of the Documents subfolder and into the main folder?

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It's about where you copied from and to...

You have Windows Explorer open.
You go your portable apps location on your PC, highlight the Documents folder, and Copy.

If you then go to your memory stick, and highlight the Documents folder there and Paste, then you put the entire copied Documents folder INSIDE the memory stick documents folder.

Try this:
Undo what you did.
Now, when you copy and paste, try pasting the Documents folder into the root directory of your memory stick (assuming that you have installed Portable Apps in the normal way).
It will probably warn you that the Directories already exist, and you could overwrite files that have the same name, but this is normal Windows behavior, so I hope you know how to deal with this..

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