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.net errors in portable Firefox

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.net errors in portable Firefox

I started getting .net errors in PFF the other day and can not figure out why. I thought at first it was the age of my PFF so I got the latest. How ever when I port my extensions, it comes up with the same error.

I would like to isolate the extension(s) that are causing this. A complete re-install would solve the problem but not the problem of ignorance. Where do I begin?
Extensions installed:

Adblock Plus, Foxy Tunes, Flash Got, Flashblock, No Script, Chatzilla, Foxmarks, Dogears, Nuke Anything, Remove it Pernimently.

What do information do you need so I can understand and fix this?


John T. Haller
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You can start it in safe mode by running it as FirefoxPortable.exe -safe-mode from the command line and then disabling extensions. I don't know of any extensions that use .NET (shudder) but some in your list may. Maybe Dogears or Foxy Tunes. But it's definitely an extension issue, not a FFP issue as FF doesn't use .NET.

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