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Miranda: Message archive trimming?

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Miranda: Message archive trimming?

I'm wondering if Miranda deletes messages stored in the history after some time.

Specifically, I remember seeing an option that said something like "remove old messages after x lines" or after x months or I don't know anymore because I can't find it anymore...

It was without any special plugins at all, since I only installed a handfull of plugins recently (I like the basic setup).

So basically my question is this : Is there anything that might automatically delete old messages without my knowing? I don't want to find out after 3 years that some, even if they were the oldest, were erased from the records...

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definitely maybe

but probably not.

I use Miranda (portable) and have for years. When I first switched to it, I carefully imported all my archived chatlogs into it, going back about 8 years now, and they're all still there Smile

I do most of that side of it with plugins though.

I use history++ for general history management and viewing. Every couple of months I export my entire contact set using mContact, and import it all into a separate archive profile database (which I initially created by simply copying the .dat file while Miranda wasn't running). I then open that profile to check the messages have arrived safely and then use historySweeper to remove any messages over 30 days old.

This way, I have all the archives easily searchable should I need to, but the database size stays small, which makes for faster operations Smile

However, I would strongly urge you to go through the entire configuration and make sure that any automatic clean-up options are disabled. I don't remember which if any I had to switch off, but it definitely can be done.

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