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Updated automatically. Now what?

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Updated automatically. Now what?

I'm sure many will say it's not a big deal. Well, I did an auto-update to 3.09. I just don't like some weird registry issue lurking in the background.

How do I undo the "damage" done by the auto-update?


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You don't. Restore from your backup or redownload FF 3.0.8. Or just wait patiently for 3.0.9 to come out.

Next time, be sure to uncheck automatic updates for FF.

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the damage done is as much to the installation of firefox on the PC as to the portable one on the flash drive.

The only way to clean up the local PC completely would be to download the standard installer at the same version (3.0.9), run that to install on the PC, and, if you don't want FF installer, uninstall it again at that point.

Then also download and install the new portable version from here.

That will probably leave you with a back-to-normal portable version, though you may possibly still have trouble with certain addons in certain configurations.

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