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Printer Redirection/Folder Monitor/Task Scheduler?

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Printer Redirection/Folder Monitor/Task Scheduler?

I like to use ghostscript and redmon to allow my Linux computer to print to a shared printer on a windows computer.

In my office, unfortunately, I cannot install redmon on my desktop because I do not have administrator priviledges.

I use FreeDist as an alternative to redmon (or CutePDF, or any of the other free PDF distillers out there) for creating PDF files.

It seems to me that the same principle that FreeDist uses for PDF should also work for printer redirection, but I have not been able to find any software out there that does the job.

FreeDist works by monitoring a "watched folder" that you set up. When you save a .PS file in the "watched folder" FreeDist kicks into action and converts it to a PDF.

In theory, it should be possible for a program to monitor a "watched folder" and send the .PS file to the printer instead of converting it to a PDF.

If anybody knows of any software out there that does this trick, I'll owe you a big, fat No-Prize! Wink

Thanks in advance!