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Tucan Manager

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Tucan Manager

Program: Tucan Manager

License: GNU General Public License

Description: Download and Upload manager for sites like:


* Written in python.
* GUI written in PyGTK (GTK+ toolkit).
* Multi-platform (GNU/Linux, FreeBSD, Microsoft Windows ...).
* Easy to extend with plugins
* Light and fast
* Wait in between downloads (anonymous access).
* Recognizes capchas where needed (Like megaupload or gigasize)


Other: Configuration settings are saved on C:\Users\\.tucan\

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Not to be confused with

this: The OP seems to be some type of upload/download manager for rapidshare or megaupload

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Tucan Backup problem

When using the Tucan software to back up files I found out if you were to switch the file type to 7-Zip, it ends up saving the file with the ending .zip (Zip File; Compressed File) and when I go to open it up, Widows says that it cant open it up because it is a 7-Zip file with the .zip file ending. I had the setting as follows:

Are there any bug fixes to this?

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not backup software. Use

not backup software. Use TOucan for that. If you're having a problem, post it in the Toucan forum.

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Donwload is here...
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File-system trasher

Cross-platform and 'all OS supported' I imagine sounds tempting to developers, but it seems that many simply claim cross-platform and think that programming language can take care of all OS pairings, without much testing or more knowledge.

I tested this program in my Windows 7 PC trying to download from filesonic and it trashed my file system with ghost folders, just because it's developer does not understand what he claims - Windows support

It might be of some use to others if I post how I handled those garbage folders:

- map parent folder on network and grant all access rights
- delete folders from remote you granted rights

Never on my PC again Tucan

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To be fair to the Developer

On the Tucan Website there is a specific list of the filesharing services which are supported by this software and no support is claimed for the filesonic service, so I guess the answer is: "You shouldn't have tried to use it".

Sorry, but I don't have any direct experience of this software so can't comment on its reliability (or otherwise) in managing contact with the services which are supported.


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