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"The enemy" found my blog

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"The enemy" found my blog

By "The enemy" I mean that "other" site that uses JTH's logo and slogan to pimp warez.

Back in February I wrote an article pimping the menu/suite 1.1, and then updated it when 1.5 came out. I need to write a note about 1.6 but maybe I ought to wait till it comes out of beta.

Anyway, that one guy who mirrors the RapidShare files on various anonymous hosts found my blog and left a comment. My first reaction was to just reject it (my blog doesn't post comments without my approval) but then I figured I'd rather just answer him and state our case. I mean, warez is bad, sure, but do we *really* hate people who use it? Do we really put that much effort into it? No, at least I don't, and as I said in my reply, it's them tarnishing the good name and image JTH and others have worked so hard to build. It was making that point that made his comment worth allowing and replying to.

I don't know if anyone else wants to weigh in or what, but here goes:

[[Link removed by NathanJ79: Comment in question linked to illegal site]]

//edit: I'm almost certain the user who earned himself a week-long banhammer strike here: is the same one who posted on my blog. Similar language. I don't think he copied and pasted though, it's more like he just said the same thing twice.

They must really be desperate to get their stuff out. Note how they advertise VLC and 7-Zip. We have those, and we have the latest versions. Makes you wonder why they want people to use theirs so badly.

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If you go to his site, he now has a contact form. As you said I don't care with his warez (even if it is illegal) so I think someone (maybe with a throwaway email for security) could send him an email saying that he is doing illegalities, emphasizing that we know that it may be accidental and just to prevent him, and that the logo and graphics he is using are trademarked and even maybe provide some links to Photoshop tutorials on how to make logos just to see if at least the Trademark isn't affected.

Just so people know which site is NathanJ79 talking about it is the one which replaces the last lowercase "s" of "" with another uppercase letter, replacing the ".com" with their host's domain.

EDIT: Actually... I just checked the "mirror guy"'s profile, from some of the comments in their own blogposts.

"Mirror Guy" (#)
(...) [Removed, see EDIT #2]

(...) [Removed, see EDIT #2]

EDIT 2: For certain reasons, I decided to remove the rest of the edit, John, or Tim, or any Mod, please contact me as soon as you can, or trough IRC, or trough my email. I have important info. [Done, see EDIT #4]

EDIT 3: Actually, if you have permissions, go to the edit tab of this comment, I found a way of transmit info trough Drupal's html filter

EDIT 4: Ok, I already talked with John.

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Creatively done.

I think John can nail them for redistributing his software. I saw 7zip and Audacity, but there might be others. There's even proprietary video conversion software and WinRar.

If we alert the owners of the proprietary software, we might be able to get him shut down.

Hey! Where'd it go?

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Um... By "the enemy" You mean


By "the enemy"

You mean the guy who made portablecrapz @

Taken from this post (that was genius Zach!!!)

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No, but close

No, at least I don't think so. I don't know who made the site in question, but this "mirror guy" seems to be somebody else. The blog author hosts on Rapidshare, which requires you to jump through all these hoops (or pay), and the mirror guy re-hosts them on hosts that are easier to download from.

He also contacted me on YouTube. Said he saw me up here, found my blog that way, and from there, found my YouTube account. I checked out his own YouTube profile, and he had some cool stuff up there (nothing relating to any of this) so I basically said "good for you" and started in on a topic relating to his page. I don't know what, if anything, he hoped to accomplish by showing that he can connect my profile here to my blog to my YouTube channel. Maybe next he'll track down my MySpace or Twitter. Or maybe he fancies himself a real hacker and is implying he can shut me down. I don't know. Or maybe it's nothing at all. But if he gets sued by Adobe et al for redistributing and pirating their software, there'll be nobody to blame but himself. With good open source alternatives to proprietary software (e.g. The GIMP to Photoshop) there's no good reason to pirate the proprietary stuff. Either pay for the name or don't pay and use the software that's arguably just as good.

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