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7-Zip: SIT Format ?

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7-Zip: SIT Format ?

Hi just wondered are there any plans to include SIT (Stuffit) archives or is this format copyrighted or otherwise ?

I had some files e-mailed today from a MAC and it would have been handy.


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sadly very few programs

sadly very few programs handle .sit outside of MAC. not even paying for winzip gives you access. you nees stuffit for windows. it sucks but there really isnt much of an option. Sad tell that person to have stuffit compress it into a zip or tell them to get the mac version of 7zip.

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Not Recommended

StuffIt (file format) isn't really recommended anymore. It's a proprietary format only really used by StuffIt (software). While it used to be handy on macs due to its ability to handle resource forks, on OS X it's no longer necessary as all the tools it ships with do so now. Since 2005, Stuffit is no longer bundled with Mac OS X and no longer needed. You can use ZIPs just fine and they are universal (they work with everything).

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Check the Google

There is/was an open source version of a Stuffit exapnder on the Internet. I used it many times when transfering files from a Mac to Linux. There appear to be vestigal versions around even today. However, be warned that these sources may not handle all Stuffit archives. Use Google to find a suitable version of the code.

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