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Can't install the extension Lightproof

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Can't install the extension Lightproof

I have 3.0.1 Portable installed, and I'm trying to add the extension, Lightproof 1.0. Ooo keeps crashing when I do; there is not always an error message when it crashes.

At home with my regular installation of Ooo 3.0.1, Lightproof installs just fine.

Does anyone know how to fix this?

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Worked for me

Just downloaded Lightproof v 1.0. Installed on my 301 portable OOo with no complaint.

Maybe download it again (it's small). Sometimes it was just a bad download.

Not sure how much "grammar" it will eventually flag, but nothing crashed when I spell checked, either.

But you could try this other one. It's been working for me (I don't use it much and certainly can recommand or compare them):

Or it might be your "profile" in your data directory has problems. That's a common source of various issues. I'd check the OOo forum site (not this portable one) regarding that. on "resetting" profile is the main discussion


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