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Geek.Menu Wallpaper switcher?

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Geek.Menu Wallpaper switcher?

I was wondering how you set up the script to be able to make the menu randomly switch between wallpapers in the wallpaper folder when the is started.

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I have created a batch file

I have created a batch file this way, I call it swap.bat.

ren pic2.bmp temp.bmp
ren pic3.bmp pic2.bmp
ren pic4.bmp pic3.bmp
ren pic5.bmp pic4.bmp
ren pic6.bmp pic5.bmp
ren pic7.bmp pic6.bmp
ren portableapps_wallpaper.bmp pic7.bmp

ren temp.bmp portableapps_wallpaper.bmp

with a few of my favorite pictures in this folder, when I get bored I swap them out
it works well enough. I could never get it to work on autostart. MS is doing away with autostart anyway. They have to be bitmaps. Wish I could use jpegs.

Paul D.

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Swapping wallpaper

I did something similar:

dir /a-d | find /i /c "photo" > wallpaperfiles.txt
set /p count=<wallpaperfiles.txt
Set /a Number=(%Random% %%count%)+1
copy photo%Number%.bmp portableapps_wallpaper.bmp /Y

This means that I don't have to change the code if I add a new wallpaper file. As long as the wallpaper files are called photoX.bmp where X is a number and each file is number sequentially from 1 upwards, then the file selected will be totally random. I can add as many wallpapers I like and the one selected should be random.

I also found that by putting in:

rundll32.exe user32.dll,UpdatePerUserSystemParameters

to refresh the desktop background after the call to load StartPortableApps.exe meant that the new background image shows after loading PortableApps. Without it, the old background often remained.

Using XP SP3 and bat2exe to convert to an exe file. Your mileage may vary...


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9 Months

You just revived a topic from 9 months ago

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

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Sorry about that

I'm new here... still finding my way around.


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Welcome and thank you for sharing your work.
I don't know much about bat files so your script looks interesting to me and I learned a few things.
Thanks again

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Wallpaper Switcher

Wallpaper Switcher is quite good, a development version can be found here. I'm using it for a long time, pretty nice, with a lots of possibilities.

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