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Frets on Fire works with guitars

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Frets on Fire works with guitars

Been meaning to point this out for a while. If you plug a Guitar Hero guitar into a Windows XP (or newer) computer, it'll seek and actually find drivers for it - from there it's just another gamepad, albeit a funny-shaped one. It will then work with Frets on Fire after you configure it to read a gamepad instead of a keyboard.

Apparently there's a gadget on Microsoft's site you can get for $20 which lets wireless Xbox controllers connect and be recognized in the same way, so the more advanced Rock Band and Guitar Hero World Tour guitars could be used as well, though I haven't done that. I have, however, played Frets on Fire with a GH3 guitar.

Just saying, because it sounds lame to say you can rock out with your keyboard. I've tried that, and it's not very well thought out (though it's no worse than the Guitar Hero series on the Nintendo DS - that's just stupid). You use F1-F5 as your fret buttons and Enter as your strum bar. That's not viable at all on the keyboard in front of me or the one at home. Even the smaller GH3 guitars are too big to be considered portable, but it would be really clever if someone made one a flash drive as well, so you just plug the guitar up, it autoruns Frets on Fire, and you could put however many songs on it.

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Wouldn't be to hard, you

Wouldn't be to hard, you could probably just solder on a flash drive to the USB cable. But I'm not sure what all the guitar (and the flash drive!) would think of it.

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