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Application List Folders

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Application List Folders

In the platform, the left has a list of folders. I think that there should be folders to sort the applications.

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Like a submenu with apps

Like a submenu with apps group.

I'll find this very usefull, expecially with a command on the right-click menu to open all the applications in the group.

Two strings enter a cafè.
The first says: "barman give me a cofeee$"43Kkfodffd0'efRf4i938£$(£/"
The second string: "Sorry for my buddy, it's not terminated"

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old request

People have been asking for this for a while now, and it's promised in a future version.

Ironically, a fork of the platform was released over a year ago which does this. So it's been figured out. But it's a fork of the old version (1.1) of the platform, so it's outdated.

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Very funny

"It's a fork of the old version of the platform, so it's outdated."
You made my day :-))

Life is crunchy, anywhere

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Why not update it then for this version MrElchbau ?

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Oh, he made it? I meant no offense - I used to recommend the mod, but the powers that be asked that anyone who recommend it also stipulate that it's outdated, buggy, and officially unsupported, though I have yet to have a problem with it.

It's funny, the Menu came out late 2007, early 2008, and it wasn't long after that that the PAM R34 MOD came out. Tons of features not present in the original, etc. Then after a year later, a couple new versions of the official menu, now called the Platform, still behind the R34 mod in its feature set. Doesn't make a lot of sense. Add the fact that they're both open source and it's just mind-boggling. Nothing stops the team from taking the features from the R34 mod, and nothing stops the PTC crew from applying those features to the latest Platform. ...right?

I gotta be missing something.

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Quick example of a bug in the MOD34 is that Base doesn't display in the menu. Also it isn't upgradable with any of the new platforms. The eject script in the mod can cause apps to leave behind data. I'm sure there are more but I can't think of them at the moment.

Don't get me wrong as I use the mod as I need the folders and am willing to workaround the bugs I am aware of to do so. Still there are a number of bugs. Advocate

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where is it?

I would like to try it, myself, because the endless scrolling is time consuming (and often annoying), particularly to someone who always customises his menus in this way Smile

Or is there an embargo on knowing its location?


Have you noticed editing is always needed for the inevitable typos that weren't there when you hit the "post" button?

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After using the PAM 1.6 beta

After using the PAM 1.6 beta i dont like using the mod anymore, since it provided me with faster loading with my 30+ apps

I really wish someone would patch it to go with the 1.6

i hate not having the ability to organize my apps

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Move to top / Move to bottom

Now, to be fair, a lot of the "endless scrolling" can be avoided if you use the PAP 1.6 Beta 0 and its Move to Top/Bottom feature. I put the apps I use the most at the top, and the apps I almost never use at the bottom. I have a 16GB flash drive with 32 entries on my PAP menu, and I never need to scroll. And Firefox, VLC, and a couple others are right at the top.

One problem with folders is, while neat, they do hide what you have. "Out of sight, out of mind" and all that.

Still, with both projects being open source, why can't everybody just work together and put out something that encompasses the best of both projects? Does it really have to be a competition?

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