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Portable Xaos (Fractal zoomer)

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Portable Xaos (Fractal zoomer)

Program: Xaos
License: GNU

This program zooms fractals! But unfortunately there's no .zip release for the latest windows build, only an installer ...

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Why is there a second post with 40 seconds of difference?
Looks cool...

Eiñ??? A siñature????

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My friend has a copy on his flash drive

works fine for him. I don't know if it leaves files behind.

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there IS an zip file!!!

xaos is in an .tar.gz file packed at
in the directory 3.5, but for Linux... also source file there. I can't compile, someone other?

Signature??? scratch... scratch... scratch...

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Just unzip the installer with 7-ZipPortable.

All the files you need are in '$_OUTDIR'.

I've always liked fractals, so I had a quick look at the behaviour of this app.
My first impression is good, it's basic and fast ! I like the auto pilot option.

It behaves like it's portable as it is.
It doesn't seem to leave any registry keys or files on the local drive. Just the installer leaves 2 values, 1=where Xaos is intalled, 2=installer language

You can get it to save some files: *.cfg, *.dlg & *.xpf
It just seems to save these file into the app dir. But none of them contain any drive paths. Nore do they contain the apps language or can I get it to change language at all !

I could make a dev.test release for this over the weekend, IF I find some time.
But honestly, I do have priorities for some other projects I'm doing.

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This is a perfect candidate for CPL

Using Chris' Portable Launcher, it should be easy enough to set this up.
In W7, it does seem to leave HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\FileExts\.xaf\OpenWithList.

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Mark Sikkema
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I don't think those keys are considered a problem !

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I've got one:

I know that I am very late to this "party", but I made a portable version of XaoS
the password is "" (without quotations)
Link: (
Enjoy (;

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