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will not download mail

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will not download mail

I am using a gmail account through Thunderbird.

I had problems with my first Thunderbird install after I downloaded the messages from the server (messages were downloaded but left on server). I deleted the Thunderbird folder completely and did a new install. Then I added my gmail account again and this time it says there are no new messages.

How do I get it to download the messages that are there? In my portable Thunderbird I have zero messages in my inbox but 200 in gmail and I want those in thunderbird.

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This is really a Thunderbird

This is really a Thunderbird question, not a Thunderbird Portable question and you might get a better reply at a Mozilla Thunderbird Forum, but lets see.

Are you IMAP or POP ?

Can you try :

Right click on the Inbox and choose Properties,
On the General Information Tab try clicking Rebuild Index and see what happens.


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Hey thanks for replying. I

Hey thanks for replying. I have never used Thunderbird before...

I do have that option so I will try it, maybe. Unfortunately now Thunderbird and gmail are not communicating for 2 of my 3 email accounts. Keep getting a pwd error. I even tried changing the passwords and I still am getting the errors.

This is more pain than it is worth I think.


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2 Facts

First: If you want to delete emails once they are downloaded (or whenever you delete them from your manager) you need to use POP. When you add a Gmail account in Thunderbird, it sets it up as an IMAP account, and in my experience, you cannot tell the server to delete these messages when they are read. When I set up the account for my school's email, they recommended IMAP settings. This was a bad idea because I have limited space (150MB) through the school's account, and no where in TB did I see settings to delete messages once read from an IMAP server.

Second: You have already downloaded those messages from Gmail, therefore they are no longer labeled as "New" or "Unread", so that means Gmail isn't going to send you messages you have already downloaded with an email manager. (Imagine a manager that continuously downloads messages that you have read from an server but not deleted them. How dumb would that be?) To get all your old emails, you need to go into Gmail and tell it to allow POP download mail from all time---which I bet you don't want to do, but it is the only way I know.

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