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alternative to XAMPP

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alternative to XAMPP

There is a good alternative to XAMPP. It is called MoWes Portable. I use it for simple website creation/testing.
What I like about MoWes? It takes less space in my usb-drive and I belief it starts faster.

Could you put it on the list of the applications?


Gord Caswell
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Welcome to

Welcome to PortableApps.Com!

In the future, please request an app be portablized by following the information here:

For those who are going to ask, here's the important info:

Program: MoWeS Portable

License: Open Source/GPL

Description: MoWeS stands for the three letter abbreviation Modular Webserver System and makes it possible, to run a webserver based on Apache, MySQL and PHP from an USB Stick or any other writable media (harddrive, flash cards etc.) without installation under Windows (98 to Vista).


Other: you currently need to download all the different parts of MoWeS portable prior tp installation - should be able to be simnplified by PAF'ing the app

[EDIT: missed a space prior to the first link]

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Don't like it

I don't like the look of MoWeS Portable II at all. Although it is open source, it's not open source in spirit. The guy's all commercial - open source shouldn't be like that. And from a usability point of view, it's really quite an ugly thing, it's been designed with the Windows 95 and earlier theming, by the looks of it. I'd say we should go with something else. XAMPP'll do for the moment.

(BTW, in my quick testing, MoWeS Portable started more slowly than XAMPP. Not that either starts particularly slowly, though.)

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