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Is seperat eupgrade of enigmail/PGP OK?

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Is seperat eupgrade of enigmail/PGP OK?

This is a simple question, deliberately in two parts here to keep multiple posts minimized, even though the second question applies to all of the Haller-packed apps.

1. Specifically: is it safe to upgrade enigmail, for example from .93 to the current .94, and update the relevant files within the gpg directory? Or is it best to wait for the current PT with Enigmail, and the releavnt parts of the Portable Suite, to be updated with the new Enigmail by John? I ask because the Engimail site says that .94 includes many big fixes for PT 1.5.

2. The same question applied to all the other apps in the suite. If there are no code changes to the actual app in the Apps\Portable*AppName*\*appname* directory, is it safe to update these seperately?

Congratulations ont he amazing work!

Many thanks.

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  1. Yes/maybe
  2. Yes

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