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0.90 vs 13.3 and NSIS

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0.90 vs 13.3 and NSIS

Hi, I haven't seen this info anywhere else, does the new 0.90 spec completely replace the 13.3 installer? I think "yes". What about NSIS Portable? I think "maybe", if all you're doing with NSIS is packaging PortableApps, then the NSIS included with 0.90 (it is included, right?) is all you need.

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yes and kinda

The new 0.90 relese makes the old 0.13 installer and config files unnecessary. You also won't need NSIS or any additional plugs as a build of nsis with only what the installer needs is included. Plus, you usually wont't have to update your config files with new releases (unless you want to use a new feature).

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