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RaggieSoft Book Reader

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RaggieSoft Book Reader

I am the author of the RaggieSoft Book Reader (on my website at and I'm wanting to make Version 2.0 of my software available properly as a Portable App. I'm new here, so any comments or suggestions would be helpful.

Things I'm doing so far (what am I doing wrong? what am I doing right?):

* I will switch to VB 6.0 to eliminate the need for the .NET Framework (VB6 runtime is preinstalled as far back as Windows 2000 (Windows 98 Second Edition?) so it will be on any modern computer)
* No using the Registry (I'm going to use an INI which will be in the same folder as the main EXE)
* Version 2 will be released under the GPL version 3
* It will be possible for anyone to create books for my reader platform