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Backup my files : sync or backup ?

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Backup my files : sync or backup ?

Hi !

I downloaded Toucan a few hours ago and since I'm playing with it.
Here is what I want : I want to be able to backup all the important files present on my computers (from several locations), which represent hundreds of files (there is a lot of small files).
This operation will be manual and I don't need incremental or history.

Here are my problems :
- First "Backup" with "Update" seemed to be what I want : I can choose several folders as sources and it works quite well. I didn't test it with all my files but it seems to run quite fast. The problem is that it doesn't reflect file deletions.
- Then I tried "Backup" with "Complete" but running a full backup each time is too time consuming.
- Then I switched to "Sync" with the "Mirror" function. It seems to works well but I can only select one source. I found a workaround by creating a job by folder and creating a script that launches all those jobs. But being able to select several folders would be nice.
The problem is that the Sync is really slow... I don't understand why this so slow while almost the same operation was quite fast with "Backup".

So, in the end nothing is really satisfying.
-> backup performs well but cannot "mirror" the folders
-> Sync mirrors but I can't select several sources and it's really slow.
I'm I doing something wrong ?

If I can make 2 suggestions :
- Make the "Sync" tab's Source & Destination components working as in the "Backup" tab (allowing multiple folders, "Insert variable" feature...)
- Add a "Mirror" type in the "Backup" tab.

But this aside : it is a really nice tool, the UI is impressive and (almost) intuitive. Nice job.

Thank you.

Steve Lamerton
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personal recommendation would be to set up a few Sync jobs, as you have, it is how I do my backups! There have been a few reports of the Mirror mode being slower than it should be, I am investigating this at the moment. As for Backup Mirror, it is on the todo list, I did try to make it work at one point but failed, I shall try again soon.

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