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No in-splash-screen website name dropping?

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No in-splash-screen website name dropping?

You probably already considered it but...
Why not drop the website address of this new/great site in the splash screen for PFF?
PFF has a way of making its way around the net such that not everyone will have downloaded it from here/sourceforge. Seems like a good way to further get the name out.


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Planning on it...

I'm going to in the next release as well as other apps. I had forgotten in PFF 1.5 as the splash screen was changed at the last minute. Of course, it's in the default bookmarks as well (link to PFF page, support, homepage, and live news feed).

I'm going to add the product homepage URLs to the splash screens. For example, FF is:

I'm going to switch it to without the underscore though. Easy to remember and tell others.

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