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can you Please add this feature easily into next VLCport. version?

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can you Please add this feature easily into next VLCport. version?

I wish I could watch my DVDs (and any other video format) mirrored, for some of them I have watched often and everything looks the same. I would like to view the picture mirrored. I see that VLC portable can slow down and speed up DVDs with ease, so why not add this feature? Please. Also, if it can be done, could you reverse/mirror also the sound output? so it comes from the right instead of left and vice versa?
I am left handed and like to see things from a different view sometimes. Wink

If this could be done easily I would be greatly pleased. I really like all of the portable apps, they come in handy.

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You can do that now!

Start VLC. Open your video; pause it right quick. Click the EQ icon, it's the 3 sliders. Click the second top-level tab, Video Effects. Now under Basic, in the lower right corner, check Transform and then Flip Vertically.

Now for the audio. Even easier. On the main window, go to the Audio menu, the Audio Channels submenu, and choose Reverse Stereo.

I did the latter once when I hooked up speakers to a computer and got 'em backwards, and was too tired/lazy to fix my error, I just wanted to kick back and watch something. I just did the former and it gave me a headache, but have fun!

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