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synchronize favorites

Apart from using a third party website, like X-marks, is there any way to synchronize my firefox favorites from my "main"-pc and the portable firefox ?

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If you are using 3.5beta on both "main" and portable installations, Weave is an option.

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Does Weave work with Firefox 3.5.2 standard and/or portable

Does Weave work with Firefox 3.5.2 standard and/or portable.

I just recently upgraded my PC to Firefox 3.5.2 and my U3 to Firefox 3.5.2 portable. I now find out I can't get Xmarks to work on the portable version. Does anyone know if these versions work with Weave or if I have to downgrade to Firefox 3.5 on both? The Weave link from 'the-edmeister' displays a web page with instructions to use Firefox 3.5 but that may not be current since it's only been about a week since the Firefox 3.5.2 release.

Thanks, Scoott

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