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VirtuaWin Portable Build

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VirtuaWin Portable Build

I'm just saying, anyone here ever heard of "VirtuaWin" (google it, I'm not posting a link in case it breaks one of the rules, I never completely understand them) It is a multiple desktop program, up to 16, which has a portable build, however, if someone could test if it's fully portable, no registry entries (because I don't have a PC available to me that hasn't already run it atm) It is open source and what-not, and if possible, I would modify it to work with the portable apps format, if I'm able to. Otherwise, I just felt like suggesting it, it's a nice program, works well, and felt like contributing a little.

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I've been using it portably

I've been using it portably for about a year without any user-observed problems on both Vista (w/o admin rights) and WinXP (w/admin rights) with up to 8 windows. I haven't done any rigorous testing, so keep that in mind

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Test build available

There is a test build available here on already - - I have successfully used this in the past, although not any time too recent. Check that and see if it still works.

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