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How to Get FF Portable to open URL's from other programs instead of IE !?

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How to Get FF Portable to open URL's from other programs instead of IE !?


i'm using Windows Server 2008 and i have the problem that if i get a link via ICQ, IRC, XMPP or whatever it gets openend with Internet Explorer.. it can't be changed at Software Configuration because Win2008 doesn't understand that FF exists .. is there anything that i could do to make links that have been sent to me are being opened with FF ?

Thank you!

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Supposed to be that way...

It's supposed to be that way, those programs are just calling the default browser.

When you choose the default browser, you can't manually point it to something?

If you're using portable apps locally (as I do) you might just have to have a local Firefox just to capture "default browser" calls, and perhaps use something like Toucan (I guess) to sync the profile folders. Or just have a "clean" Firefox installed, perhaps just with Adblock Plus, so stuff loads faster.

On mine, I just let 'em open in IE. I don't prefer IE, but if I reasonably trust the link, I don't mind IE getting it. It's the untrusted web that IE is dangerous on. Windows Server 2008... you probably got one of the funky IEs, 7 or 8. I'm on XP, and I have IE 6 SP2... I need to set it up right. IE 6 is not bad, not really, you just gotta know what all it is and isn't, and it's still ages behind Firefox.

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