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Manually adding non-PA app

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Manually adding non-PA app

Previously I installed a standalone app all PalMail by simply copying all of it's files into a folder with the same name. PalMail sowed up correctly on my PA menu and it exevuted OK.

But now I tried the same approach with AVZ, and although it runs fine it shows up incorrectly on the PA menu. Instead of showing the folder name (which matches the filename of the exe file) it shows the following:
???????????? ??????? AVZ

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Never heard of anything like that happening. I love it! Here's how to fix it.

First of all you need Platform 1.5 or higher. For the longest time 1.1 was offered - that won't cut it. With Platform 1.5, right click on the entry on the menu to rename it. If you have the 1.6 Beta from the Beta Testing forum, which comes highly recommended, right click on it and choose Rename. There you can rename it to something more appropriate or consistent with the other items on the menu.

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I have changed names of programs under your help.

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