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Emesene Portable 1.0.1

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Emesene Portable 1.0.1

Application: Emesene
Category: Internet
Description: Emesene is an IM for the WLM network.
Download Emesene Portable 1.0.1 Development Test 2 [9.51MB download / 51.9MB installed]
(MD5: 71a6bf8b7ccfbc99c9d9d7140e846cac)

Release Notes:

Development Test 2 (2009-07-27):
- Improved launcher, with admin rights verification, and the portableapp leaves nothing after close now.

Development Test 1 (2009-03-04): Initial release

Zach Thibeau
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I suggest reading this forum

I suggest reading this forum this explains the proper procedures of presenting an application.
This will allow better presentation of your application and provide better feedback of your application Smile

your friendly neighbourhood moderator Zach Thibeau

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I have just tried it out

1. The installed size is much bigger than MSN.
2. I could not see any obvious way to make a video call.
3. I checked the home website & did not find any reference to video calling,
so what is the point, how will this appeal to Live messenger fans.
It might be open source but apparently much less capable.
4. It is not portable, It creates folders in the documents & Settings.

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Wow I love this

I just tried out this app and I LOVE it!!! Probably even more than Pidgin. Can someone fully test it out and verify that it works properly and is portable (by standards)?

I love this app soo much!

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already done

the comment before yours explicitly states that it is NOT portable as it leaves created files behind.

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Main window doesn't show up


Thanks for your effort to make Emesene a portable app

At this time, I just tried it, and it appears that on my computer, thhe main window (contact window) doesn't show up when its size is "normal" (i.e not maximized nor minimized). I tried to move it by right clicking on its button of the taskbar, or to resize it, but there's no way to make it appears unless maximizing it (right click -> maximize).

Otherwise, it seems to work, whenever it's not really portabilized yet.

Good luck!


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