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Ares Lite

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Ares Lite

I found this quick, and very small p2p app the other day, and i thought it'd be perfect as a portable app.

Ares Lite is a lighter version of Ares Galaxy. It has only the basics needed for p2p.

It's very small, only 1.35MB unzipped.

I dunno much about making an app portable, as i've only been on for a little while, but as i understand it, it needs to be able to run without anything on the computer that isn't there by default. and it can't have any registry entries.

i searched my registry using regedit after installing it to my jumpdrive, and found this entry:

My Computer\HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.arescol

Entry 1: Name: (Default) Type: REG_SZ Data: Ares.CollectionList

Entry 2: Name: Content Type Type: REG_SZ Data: application/ares

I have no clue what any of those mean, or what happens without them or whatever, but if someone who knows what they're doing could take a look at this any post on a method to make it fully portable, that'd be awesome!


I found this other registry entry located here:

My Computer\HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Ares.CollectionList

it's got too many entries to post, but they just tell the comp where the exe and icons are.

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The QuickPort NSIS Template or UniLaunch.
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Use registry delete

You can export these entries as registry files. Then just delete those entries from registry. Try to run your application, if does not run then you can import the entries again. Then you should need these entries always. But you do not want to use your application at all or just want to keep transferring then you can keep this entries with delete option alongside. So when your purpose is finished on a computer, you can simply delete them without leaving any traces.

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