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What is the plan for InfraRecoder?

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What is the plan for InfraRecoder?

1. JTH has listed this as an app that needs updating.
2. The current PA version has a bug - not from being portable, but from being 0.46.1 - that causes it to hang indefinitely on some machines. According to the IR release notes for 0.46.2, they've fixed that in the latest version.
Of course, my machine is one of those that it hangs on.*
3. The previous dev, Travis Carrico, hasn't posted anything on this site since 2008, so I'm not sure what his status is.

Sorry if this seems curt, I'm just stating the facts.
So is there a plan for the update?

*While an upgrade from 0.46.1 to 0.46.2 might seem pointless, this bug forced me to abandon the PA version of IR at the beginning of the year.
Luckily, the InfraRecorder site actually offers a "portable" version, which I've been using - and it works OK.
Maybe this is the future of Portable Apps: more original developers will start offering portable versions, so it won't be necessary to make them here.

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Because of us

Just a note on your last observation, often official portable versions come as a result of our work here, as in the case of Inkscape, I recently offered a patch which makes a portable version dead easy (INKSCAPE_PORTABLE_PROFILE_DIR environment variable).

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