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Portable Spyware killer

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Portable Spyware killer

Yes it will must read the will help you greatly...let me know what you think!

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Rob Loach
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I have trust issues running a "Spyware killer" without any information as to what exactly it does, posted by someone who only just registered on PortableApps yesterday, and who doesn't provide the source to their application.

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My head hurts...
Quote: Mouse (Here)
I made the one I have portable and I just checked and it leave behind only the REG_SZ entry but its only can download it at:

Its still in the beta stages but it should work just fine.

Let me know if you need any help at or at the address in the e-mail.

Here is what the included readme!.txt says: "PortableSpyware V.1

To run P/S click the spywarekiller Icon. This software is allowed for redistribution.
Anonymizer does not support this program anymore but you are still able to update the definitions.

All Copyrights are property of their respective owners.

Need help? e-mail:

NOTE: when you close out P/S you must rightclick the SK icon on the taskbar and click close."

True, it does not look to be supported anymore. Am I missing something, or did they just copy the unmodified files? How is that a "beta"??

BTW- the file contains:

  • Readme!.txt
  • spywarekiller.exe
  • skboot.exe
  • spweng.dll
  • skw.sig

Please let me know if I am wrong. Maybe I'm just tired and cranky right now... Blum
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