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Detach of attachments generates absolute path

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Detach of attachments generates absolute path

I think I found an omission in the portable thunderbird version. When I do a "Detach" of a mail attachment, the attachment is saved correctly, but (even when I save it in a subdirectory of the portable thunderbird) the path in the mail is stored as an absolute path (e.g. U:\ThunderbirdPortable\Attachments\Filename.doc
When I want to read the mail/attachment on another computer, the attachment is not found by the mailer.
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This is not supported and will probably not be supported in the forseeable future (it would take a *LONG* time to have the launcher open up every single mail folder within Thunderbird and try and do path replacements on them all).

You can either leave the attachment within the mail. Or you can detach it and have it not a part of the message. There's no real reason to detach it and still want to open it from the message.

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