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add KMPlayer

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add KMPlayer

Hi,can somebody add and support perfect opensource media player: KMPlayer

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We have SMPlayer which is also a graphical frontend to MPlayer, one which is more desirable to have and user-friendly to run than MPlayer itself. This should be much the same as what you're looking for.

Wikipedia says KMPlayer works with Windows through something called Cygwin. I don't know what all that means, but generally when an app requires something like that, it's pretty hard to make portable, since you then have to portablize the dependency, and that is not always possible. Also with SMPlayer readily available here, KMPlayer is unlikely to be picked up, but good luck nonetheless if you prefer it specifically.

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Two with the same name

Hi Nathan

There are two media players with virtually the same name.
kmplayer (lower case) is a Korean media player & runs on windows.
KMPlayer (upper case) is as described in your link to Wikipedia and is the Linux Mplayer based one.

@ triblax, you will find a portable version on the Korean website that you linked to above(you will need to search their site for it). You can also get a zipped version which is "no-install" but not portable as is writes file associations to the registry. I made my version portable with JauntePE.

As Nathan suggested, you can download SMPlayer which is really good. I use this as well as kmplayer. Just one thought - SMPLayer uses about 70Mb of ram versus about 20 Mb by kmplayer.

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Kmplayer is going through

Kmplayer is going through some GPL trouble if i remeber correctly.

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good idea

i support your idea we really need kmplayer in a portable version.

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