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[Theme] iPAP

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[Theme] iPAP

after being obedient for three months, here's my iPAP theme:

PAM 1.5
406 * 573 pix

Preview & Download


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Obedient to whom and in what regard? Surely you weren't asked to stay away...?

As for the skin, it looks nice and I'm sure others will pick it up, but I prefer the glossy black one I got from your site. The header on mine is blacker, shinier, and those icons on the right are just loud. I guess it's iPhone themed, which is cool.

Keep making killer skins, man. Hopefully at some point in the future the menu will support skin changing. Until then folder renaming works for me.

José Pedro Arvela
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John asked all themers to hold until the release of PAP 1.6 final to start theming. This was so the theming specs would be complete and all theming related stuff (installers, forums, etc) could be done. So he was obedient as in he didn't release any themes for 3 months.

Now I understand why he had to release a theme, he is full of ideas but he can't develop. I would already have updated some themes to PAP 1.5/1.6aplha but I haven't as my themes require a bug to be fixed (the drive label text has no way to have its color changed, and I need to make it on some themes so it can be on light backgrounds before I can release them).

Blue is everything.

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Apps dont run

Its weird, but some apps dont run. I click IcoFX Portable but it doesnt run. This is still an awesome skin!!

Oh, and one more thing, the backup icon when you hover over it the backup button does not turn green but it still works.

May the Shwartz be with you

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Backup icon works

My backup icon turns green when I hover.

Try re-installing the skin.

Don't know about the apps not running,I haven't tried them all but the ones I have tried all run.

EDIT :- Just had another look and your right, it turns green when you hover over where it says Backup but not when you hover over the actual icon.

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Adaption to PAP 2.0


I really like using your theme and would like to ask
if and when the IPAP theme will be adapted to the new version of PAP?
Currently the menu doesn't fit properly!

Kind regards


Chris Morgan
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Site database error

It could also be helpful if the site could be fixed.

[DBIM] Connection Failed: Benutzer 'web205'@'localhost' hat keine Zugriffsberechtigung (verwendetes Passwort: Ja)
Type: 256 File: /var/www/web798/html/PTC/down/modules/core/dbim.php Line: 44 Debug Level: 1

I am a Christian and a developer and moderator here.

“A soft answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.” – Proverbs 15:1

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Seems like the entire PTC

Seems like the entire PTC site has been down for a month now.

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News moved! [03.06.2010 - 02:11]
Sorry guys, but our server are moved. since we are on the new server our download database are broken. i work hard to fix it but it will takes some time. please stay tuned and take a look later.

kind regards

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