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ePSXe Portable Launcher

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ePSXe Portable Launcher

Application: ePSXe
Category: Emulators/Games
Description: ePSXe is a popular PSX Emulator with some of the highest compatibility
MD5: I can't remember how to make these, I think I had a program that does but if not, got some suggestions?

My Notes: First (Pre-)Release! made with Chris's Portable Apps Launcher, no installer(not really sure how to do all that yet, learning), kept in a .7z archive Theres probably so many heavy changes but I at least need other people to test it too, plus normally I'd miss something. Please test
also, you need to put a folder "ePSXe" in the app directory, information on obtaining plugins and the exe can be found from their website: ePSXe Download Page
Rules: No asking for ISO's or BIOS files, dump them or use your friendly neighborhood Google
you don't need to use ISO's you may use a basic PS1 disc, however, you do NEED BIOS to play them, if you don't have a PS1 game, but have BIOS, just run BIOS to test it for me.
Do NOT use ePSXeCutor, I'll work on that once I got basics down to a T
Thanks for all the help
Release 1: Download

Other current projects: Making a PCSX Portable build (they have their source code available to download)
Also, to stress for people like me who download betas anyway: This is a BETA not full, there are bugs! Also, a note to anyone who has ePSXe already on their PC, this will erase your configurations, so be careful to back them up beforehand!

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* Downloading and testing *

Are the Registry entrys for the Plugins supported, too?

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Yes, most of them at least, i'm not sure which if any would not be - basically what I'm saying, is based on how ePSXe configures things, the registry entries which I chose to back up should cover all plugins, but test it with others if you please, I believe at least Pete's for graphics and CD and Eternal for music are correct, because ePSXeCutor is not supported, no alternate input plugins are currently supported.

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Use this to get MD5....

Use this to get MD5....
Hope that helps. Wink

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