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Portable AMP

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Portable AMP

My portable interest started with needing to develop my website from multiple locations. See AMP on a USB at for more information.

AMP - Apache, MySql, and PHP.

I would like to see a cleaner shut down of Apache and MySql.

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Uniform Server

Hi Salee,

how about Uniform Server? It is also a portable (W)AMP application.

Cya Ryushi

salee02 (not verified)
Thanks for the information.

Thanks for the information. I haven’t had time to down load and play with Uniform Server. I have read information from their site and am not sure about their solution for other servers using port 80 being disabled so I can use a portable server. AMP on a USB allows me to configure my server however I want so I can use it parallel with other servers running on my system. If disabling other servers is the only option then Uniform Server will not work for me.

Thanks again for the information. I will post again after I have had time to play with it.

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Run Multiple servers by changing the port number

Its easy(ish) to change the port number of uniform server by changing the apache config file, which means you can have any number of servers at different ports.
Anyone out there got a walk-thru? (Hey, its Friday night and I've had a few! Cheers )

Incidentally, I'm about to set up a portable Ruby server thread, concerning :

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Similar thread: Portable Apache.

I use "hideexec" to start Apache, MySQL and SlimFTPd (with PHP and Zend). I also use a "pv.exe" (from XAMPP) to cleanly exit Apache. So basically I've got one batch file "start.bat" which turns things on (silently, hidden, out of sight), and another "stop.bat" to close everything again.

Contents: Apache 2.2.0, MySQL 5.1.7 beta, PHP 5.1.1, Zend Engine v2.1.0-dev, SlipFTPd 3.18, phpMyAdmin If you'd like a copy I can zip/rar it up.

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SlimFTPd uses the Visual Basic Runtime Library.
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Could you send me a copy? It

Could you send me a copy? It sounds just like what I'm looking for...

a.k.a. Mark

moejoe (not verified)

Yo, there is already a portable AMP server out, its called EasyPHP - - works a treat on my USB stick, can test out my php scripts on the move Biggrin

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