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Adding entries to the PA Menu?

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Adding entries to the PA Menu?

So I was wondering if I could add a shortcut/entry to the PA Menu. I want to add #Develop to my flash drive, I edited the configuration file to save settings out of the registry. Using RegShot I found that it adds a couple entries to the registry. The program doesn't rely on these Keys, so I am just going to ignore it (most of the public computers where I live are Deep Frozen, which has a saved state of the computer and then on next start up deletes any changes from the saved state).

The only problem is that the SharpDevelop.exe isn't in the Programs root folder. It's in \PortableApps\SharpDevelop\bin\. Does anyone know if I can just drag the EXE in the menu (I'm using the Pre Release) or if I can change a settings file?

I recently got RK Launcher. If I can't find the answer to the above question I'll just use RK Launcher to Automatically Start and add a shortcut to SharpDevelop in there.

Please and thank you.