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Converting Toucan to U3 Package Format

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Converting Toucan to U3 Package Format

I would like to install Toucan on my thumb drive which has a U3 menu system. I used an app called Package Factory to convert the Toucan Install app to U3 package format and installed it to the drive but Toucan does not run when selected from the menu. I assume this is a routine sort of activity and wonder if you can guide me to the instructions to follow or specific apps to use for this?

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Unsupported / Workaround

Converting any application in Format is unsupported and will result in an application that can not be upgraded without either breaking it or losing data due to the way U3 packaging works (Package Factory actually makes this worse). And, like most software publishers, we've dropped support directly for the U3 Platform.

Our preferred option, of course, is to use the Platform and equivalent portable apps instead of U3 apps. Smile

If there are still some legacy U3 apps you wish to use, you can install Toucan to the standard location (X:\PortableApps\Toucan) on your U3 drive and then use SmithTech's shortcut creator to add it to U3:

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