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VLC: Command line switches

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VLC: Command line switches

Hi we are looking for a way to start the vlc portable player in a minmial view window, the ability to not allow right click to get any menus, and only go between the minimal view and full screen.

We have videos for our company that we want to play. These videos will be on a file share that no one has access to. By using an sms like product we will tell each client to run this vlc player and video from the folder as a special account so they can see it. This all works well except the following. The main problem is we want to start the player in such a way so that they can not do a save as or see the path. When the video is done close and exit. The company does not want these videos posted on youtube or any one else to see them. We did the following command:

"D:\My Documents\VLCPortable\VLCPortable.exe" --play-and-exit --no-advanced --no-interact --no-show-intf file://Video.wmv

It does not start in minimal view nor does it stop the right clicking to switch it back. Plus is there a way to stop it from using the ctrl h command to get back to the normal view? We only want it to play and close. They can close if they want or go to full screen. Nothing else. No save, no change anything.

Thanks for any help in advance.davidgrudek
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Likely not going to be airtight

First of all, what company do you work for where your internally-produced multimedia is cool enough that management has to worry about it hitting YouTube? Harmonix?

Second, I do not think that you will be able to protect this media in the way you're describing. If VLC, an application ran under a hypothetical user's account, can access the media, they should be able to access it in Windows Explorer (another application ran under their account). If they want to that is.

Now your system, if you can get it to work, will work for most employees. If someone really wants it, done your way, they're gonna get it.

Perhaps you can look into streaming, but VLC and some other programs can capture streams.

There used to be a program years ago called mp32exe which would package an Mp3 audio file into a basic media player. It had an option to delete itself after being played. If something similar existed for video, you could email them those. And as long as they weren't backed up, they would theoretically play once, and then delete.

Then there's media licensing. You can encode the videos with DRM and give out licenses that will only let the video be played once. They can download the video, but without a license, or after they've played it once, it's worthless. I have searched, there does not exist (that I know of) a program which will extract protected video. (The ones that can, can only do it if you have permission to view it, so they're basically stream rippers.)

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