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Portable Oo quits unexpectedly on File > New

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Portable Oo quits unexpectedly on File > New

- 1 GB Swissbit USB key
- Portable Apps Suite 1.0 beta

1. Run Portable Oo
2. File > New

The application quits unexpectedly. Note that File>Open, along with other menu choices would cause the same reaction. Some menu choices such as Help>About do not do that.

Is there anything I can do to fix this problem? Thanks.

---- Update ----
I don't have any problem running Poo off the USB key, the described behavior only occur when I ran it off my HD, which I think it has something to do with long pathname.

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Known Issue

The suite includes a much older version of OO.o. The newer portable one will work fine. The suite is awaiting an update.

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