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Controlling PortableApps Launcher without a mouse

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Controlling PortableApps Launcher without a mouse

is there a way to control (especially launch apps) from the PA launcher?

Today I found myself in a rather unusual situation.. my mouse was borrowed by a college and since we don't have spare mouses I had to work for some time without a pointer device.

I was able to work without it with most programs, one of the exceptions was PAL - while I could open with Win+P, I was not able to select the App I wonted to launch, or launch any app from the menu.

It would be quite useful to have an option to operate the PAL with a keyboard (win+p and then cursor keys for launching the desired app), and possibly faster.

Best regards.

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good point

I managed to scroll up and down with the cursor keys, but did not launch a program so far. But I have to admit I did not read all howtos available, so there still might be a way.

Otto Sykora
Basel, Switzerland

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