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Disable "Check for Updates" UI in Portable Firefox?

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Disable "Check for Updates" UI in Portable Firefox?

By default, Portable Firefox checks for updates from Mozilla. If a user accidentally applies a Mozilla auto-update to his Portable Firefox, this breaks the portable-ness because Mozilla's updaters typically touch the registry etc while installing.

This has actually happened to me once, and left my Windows complaining that the default browser in U:\Internet\Firefox\App\Firefox could not be found when I removed the USB drive. *sheepish*

I was wondering if it might not be better to disable update checking for Portable Firefox. I have done the below for my installation but am sure others would benefit if this was part of the default.

In user.js -

// don't auto-update Firefox, this breaks Portable-ness
user_pref("app.update.enabled", false);

And to prevent users from shooting themselves in the foot with Help | Check for Updates...

In userChrome.css -

/* remove the Check for Updates menu item */
#updateSeparator, #checkForUpdates { display: none !important; }
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Not Permitted

This actually isn't permitted by our license agreement with Mozilla. We plan out exactly what can and can't be changed together. Auto-updates are disabled, but the check is still in to ensure users know when their version is outdated. Also, most new installs in the last year or so are not affected by this, only older ones with a specific file. If you remove uninstall.log from your install, it won't happen to you again. (It should actually be removed by any of our current installers)

There are some other illegal software sites out there that are doing things like disabling updates, anti-phishing filters, etc. Mozilla will catch them eventually.

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is it possible to re-negotionate the agreement with Mozilla for a version that lets them know that the version they are currently using is outdated and that they should check to see if the portable version has been developed and also providing a link to the current version of the non-portable at Mozilla site?

my magic 8-ball says probably not...

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