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Program: Booktome

License: Freeware

Description: bookTome is a book management system which allows users to enter information about their book collection and then sort and search this information in a variety of different manners.

bookTome can catalog and manage your library or personal book collection and it is suitable for collections of all sizes and types.

The main features of bookTome are:

* Add and edit books manually or using web services,
* Sort and organise your books by author, series, category, reading status or tags,
* Search your books with free-form text searching and links,
* Print out book lists, book information and wish lists,
* Keep track of books that you want to read with the wish list.


Note: If anyone knows of an open source alternative I would be interested. Also for the potential devs booktome has a portable build on the download page. This is a ZIP version which would make the development of a PAF'ed version that downlaoded and installed the software (Like Java Portable) very easy Smile ...For those who know how to : p