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Have a autorun like app that can prompt you to start a app.

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Have a autorun like app that can prompt you to start a app.

I bought a new USB drive recently and it had some security app pre-installed on it. I removed it. But that got me thinking. Was not aware that a autorun.inf would work form a USB drive. SO, is there a simple way to make a autorun.inf that can start up and ask me if I want to launch one of my installed portable apps.

I could probly make somthing using flash that would do this but I would have to update it every time I add a app, with me lacking programing skills, figured there is someone out there that would probably make a app that can scan the portableapps directory after th eusbdrive is inseted and then come up with a menu to launch on of the apps, or browse the drive.

Just some thoughts, if anyone decides to do this I would love to test it.


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Search first, then ask.

This has been discussed many times over. Search before you ask.

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